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The last of its holder, Raja Bibhudendra, died on 10th December, 1922, unmarried, and by reason of a family custom which excluded females from succeeding to the Raj, a collateral Banamalai succeeded to it. To put the same argument in another way, if the entire Act including section 1(3) was not in operation at the date of its passing, how could the Government issue any notification under that very section? How could section 1(3) operate to postpone the commencement of the Act unless that section itself was in force?

The latter is the judicial part at which the Commission is directed under section 7(2) to follow the principles of the Indian Evidence Act and to give the assessee a reasonable opportunity of rebutting evidence and generally to act in accordance with the principles of natural justice. The answer obviously points to section 1(3) which authorises the Government to bring the Act into force on a later date by issuing a notificated.

There must be some law authorising the Government to bring the Act into force. What prevented that result? That section does not help the petitioner at all. The following penalties may, for good and sufficient reason and NRI Legal Services

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