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NRI Legal Services He NRI Legal Services NRI Legal Services raised the NRI Legal Services NRI Legal Services (1) [1948] L. He mentioned that there was no apparent injuries on the dead body of the deceased but opined that the cause of death might be asphyxia. Kaul who had NRI Legal Services performed the autopsy, testified that the dead body was then in an advanced NRI Legal Services stage of decomposition and maggots were present on it. We are, however, not concerned with those proceedings. It NRI Legal Services has three Units " A, B and C. All the accused persons pleaded not guilty and claimed for trial. He stated that some body parts like middle stomach and left thigh were missing and that it appeared that it had been nibbled by animals.

The facts narrated in the FIR dated 12. The company is also supplying SMC and DMC compounds and components to almost all the leading electrical switch gear industries and automotive industries in India. Though the FIR was written by one H. But this they did not attempt to do at any stage of the litigation. and had taken away with them the deceased, father of Vinod in presence of the informant- Rajo Devi, his daughters Bina and Manju. After investigation, Police filed charge-sheet against all the 13 accused persons.

It is not disputed that the Unit 'C' primarily renders consultancy NRI Legal Services. nThe ambit or extent of a custom is a matter of proof and the defendants were certainly competent to adduce evidence to show that the custom of pre-emption prevailing in the city of Banaras was available not against all persons who held lands within it, but only against a particular class of persons. Upon considering the material on record and hearing the counsel on both sides, the accused persons were charged for various offences punishable under Sections 148, 302, 201 and 120-B of the IPC.

1996, in our estimate, are of sufficient clarity regarding the dual visits of the appellants to the house of the deceased in search of his son Vinod. As of now, it is said that the appellant's petition for mismanagement has been dismissed but an appeal is pending. Verma, his non-examination as well is of no adverse bearing on the prosecution case. However, all the three Units are units of one entity i.

Mani bad no power of attorney from the lady and when the office pointed out that be could not present a petition without producing the necessary authority he amended the petition and described himself as the next friend of the lady A long course of decisions has esta- blished the existence of such custom in Bihar, Sylhet and certain parts of Gujerat n81 claim to have the same rights of pre-emption as Muhammadans, in any district, is generally known and judicially recognised, it is not necessary to prove it by further evidence.

nsecondly, that in a case where the duty is clearly defined by statute and warrant of authority, such acts could never come within the scope of employment

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