LexLords Not known Factual Statements About NRI Legal Services

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These broadcasting rights have also been acquired from International Cricket Council (ICC) to broadcast cricket events organised by ICC for the Indian territory. The English constitutional theory was that the King could do no wrong and accordingly the NRI Legal Services of a civil servant could be terminated without assigning any reason and no action could be maintained in the King's Courts for damages for wrongful 37 dismissal. -Government retains an absolute right to retire any officer after he has completed twenty-five years' service without giving any reasons and no claim to special compensation on this account will be entertained.

Such allegation has come only from PW- 1 without support from any independent witness. (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act and of rules made thereunder, every person in the civil service of the Crown in India holds -office during His Majesty's pleasure, and may be employed in any manner required by a proper authority within the scope of his duty, but no person in that service may be dismissed by any, authority subordinate to -that NRI Legal Services by which he was appointed, and the Secretary of State in Council may (except so far as he may provide by rules to the contrary) reinstate any person in that service who has, been dismissed.

present in the uterus of the deceased and he calculated the age of foetus as 8 months. This state of affairs continued until 1919 when section 96B of the Government of India Act, 1910, while maintaining that NRI Legal Services the tenure was during His Majesty's pleasure, introduced a minor restriction on this power of dismissal. The State of Bombay figures as the first respondent in both the appeals and the second respondent is the Charity Commissioner, appointed by NRI Legal Services the first respondent under section 3 of the impugned Act to carry out the provisions of the Act throughout the State of Bombay.

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